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Our Products

We have a very wider product rage, Our major products is mobile phone and all kinds of electronics accessories including chargers, headset, cables, cases for phones, screen film for phones and Tablets and ect. Besides, our talent engineers are here to work with you to develop new products, especially those with special functions and fashion design. We take OEM, ODM and SKD orders from renowned companies at home and abroad.

We do everything in-house. From R&D to Assembly to Marketing. So we have complete control over the who, what, why, and how we deliver.

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Full-Service OEM/ODM Phone Accessories Manufacturer

Uniconcept has a Design and Engineering Center specially dedicated to develop Custom Designed Electronic Products for our clients. Since our Technologies was established, providing professional design engineering services to our clients is always part of our core values in the business. We management has never lost focus on continuously investing in strengthen and extend the design and engineering abilities in the company. Now our Design Engineering Team are professionals with electronics, mechanical, packaging, and graphic designers.

Quality assurance is implemented into every level of the assembly process, which results in ensuring the highest levels of our product integrity and reliability, as well as meeting the highest level of responsiveness to our clients’ needs.


OEM/ODM service
Companies all over the world appreciate the kind of R&D we practice. Our engineers constantly come up with innovative feature to integrate into our industrial new mobile phone accessories. From our tooling lab through the SMT line, everything is made in-house to ensure accuracy and quality. OEM-Original Equipment Manufacture will produce the products and the accessories according to the customer's requirement. We can produce it by a certain logo or authorized logo. We can produce for the customer and also can transfer the production. If the customer's quantity can not meet the demand, however, the customer still need some certain accessories, they are welcome to visit us for the detailed cooperation. Our professional and concentrated service can guarantee the quality and the function of the products. We also provide ODM service. Our ODM service can save your time on R&D and shorten your time to launch the new products. © 2014