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Our Products

We have a very wider product rage, Our major products is mobile phone and all kinds of electronics accessories including chargers, headset, cables, cases for phones, screen film for phones and Tablets and ect. Besides, our talent engineers are here to work with you to develop new products, especially those with special functions and fashion design. We take OEM, ODM and SKD orders from renowned companies at home and abroad.

We do everything in-house. From R&D to Assembly to Marketing. So we have complete control over the who, what, why, and how we deliver.

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Full-Service OEM/ODM Headphone Manufacturer

Developed from years of experience and feedback from users, our diverse
range of audio profiles makes it easier for you to inform us the perfect product
for your market.

Every Product is Fully Tested Prior to Packaging & Shipment,
We have also developed an online testing platform, where you can easily access to view or download real-time videos of your order during production.


Flexible Manufacturing for Your Customer Needs
At Uniconcept, we have an extensive range of ready “audio profiles” targeting specific customers demographics. Based on your specific preferences, we will further customize and adjust these “audio profiles” to fit and become the right solution for your customers. Since we do everything in-house, we guarantee to deliver EXACTLY what you order, down to every last spec.

Guaranteed 2-Year Quality Standard
All our headphones are put through
a number of stress tests to conform
to the highest standard:
-Wiring Quality
-Housing Strength
-Sodium Oxidation Resistance
-Microphone Clarity
-Sound Balancing & Output
(for Pitch, Frequency, Bandwidth, …etc) With these quality standards, we offer you a full 2-year warranty on our headphone products, because we truly believe in our products. © 2014