About Us

UNICONCEPT is an integrated developer of
quality smartphone accessories, wireless
charging, and audio products.

We do everything in-house. From R&D to Assembly to Marketing. So we have complete control over the who, what, why, and how we deliver.



Starting with Market Needs

1) Identify User Needs Market Evaluation
2) Create & Align Idea to User Needs Design & Development
3) Convert Idea to Product Production & Development
4) Promote Product Selling Support via Marketing Collaterals


Identifying the “Needs”

All our products begin with understanding and identifying market needs from the user
We investigate how the needs can be addressed with new solution ideas:
Technical feasibility
Uniqueness to the Market
Economic Factors


Product Creation

Next, we utilize ideas to create the right product designs that fully serve the market need.
In fact, we work closely with partners and end-users during the prototyping stages to develop reliably useful and competitive products


Product to Market

  • Uniconcept Professionally Provides Marketing Support for:
    Press Releases


User or Partner

Since our founding in 2007, UNICONCEPT has committed itself to creating great-quality products from the ground up and delivering them to you in the best service possible across our close-knit global network. We work closely with everyone (including the user) to make sure that our business partners and users get friendly customer service and have the perfect solutions for your mobile accessory needs.

Genuine Passion

Behind each of our accessory design, schematic, and finished product, we have a deeply-rooted instinct that drives us to look after and take care of each step in the product development process. This is really important to us because we thoroughly enjoy taking the time to create meaningful products that we ourselves would love using and be proud to share with others.

Focused Simplicity

We believe that the best products are those that distinguish function through convenience with an impactful focus. we make it a priority for our entire team to get firsthand experience from all our prototypes so that all the core functions are fully evaluated prior to production. This lets us fully empathize the user's perspective and determine how we can make products that are easy to use and really work for you.

Tested Quality

  • It is our responsibility as passionate designers and engineers to go the extra mile when benchmarking and refining our products so that they are beyond industry standards. We are able to do this because of UNICONCEPT strict guidelines to relentlessly stress test its products to their limits. Our production facilities fully operate under Standards of detailed workmanship and strives to deliver quality before any profit. We always make sure our finished products have three things in common: Substance. Form. Function.
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